Whilst Fixgadgetonline Ltd aims to perform the Repair Services within the timeframe specified to you, the Repair Services may be subject to Events outside Our Control, which may include waiting for new spare parts to be ordered and arrive with Fixgadgetonline Ltd. In any event, all times for performance of the Repair Services are approximate only, and Fixgadgetonline Ltd will not be liable for any compensation as a result of late delivery of the Repair Services.

Delivery to you of your device(s)

Any device(s) shipped to you must be examined by you upon receipt. If your device(s) is/are delivered damaged, unrepaired or with further faults you must inform Fixgadgetonline Ltd in writing within 3 days of receipt. If you do not inform Fixgadgetonline Ltd within 3 days or receipt, Fixgadgetonline Ltd shall have no liability if your device(s) is/are damaged/faulty on arrival. This does not affect your statutory rights, or any other rights under these Terms.

  1. All devices are returned by tracked next day courier but this excludes Saturday and Sunday delivery.

Sending your device(s) to Fixgadgetonline Ltd

The following provisions apply in relation to sending your device(s) to Fixgadgetonline Ltd

  1. please remove all sim and memory cards from your device(s) before sending your device(s) to Fixgadgetonline Ltd for repair; and
  2. The careful shipping of your device(s) to Fixgadgetonline Ltd is your responsibility. If the device(s) arrive with Fixgadgetonline Ltd with further damage, or is/are lost in transit, you, as the shipper shall bear full responsibility for that risk of loss. When sending your device(s) if you choose to include separate parts you are sending these at your own risk and Fixgadgetonline Ltd will not be held responsible if these parts go missing before your package is delivered to Fixgadgetonline Ltd. Please ensure the parts are well sealed and wrapped so nothing goes missing.