1. Before Fixgadgetonline Ltd begins to provide the Repair Services, you have the following rights to cancel an Order for Repair Services, including where you choose to cancel because Fixgadgetonline Ltd is affected by an Event Outside Our Control or if Fixgadgetonline Ltd changes these Terms under clause 7 to your material disadvantage:
    1. you may cancel you Order at any time before Fixgadgetonline Ltd has started the Repair Services by contacting Fixgadgetonline Ltd. Fixgadgetonline Ltd will confirm your cancellation in writing to you; and
    2. you cannot cancel your Order once Fixgadgetonline Ltd has started the Repair Services;
    3. if you cancel an Order under clause 17.1 (a) (i) and you have made any payment in advance for Repair Services that have not been provided to you, Fixgadgetonline Ltd will refund these amounts less the postage cost incurred by Fixgadgetonline Ltd to return the device(s) to you.
  2. Where you have cancelled an Order because of Fixgadgetonline Ltd’s failure to comply with these Terms (except where Fixgadgetonline Ltd has been affected by an Event Outside Fixgadgetonline Ltd Control in which case clause 17.1 shall apply), you do not have to make any payment to Fixgadgetonline Ltd.